What I am currently doing


Like so many others, I'm a very, very proud dad. It's so much fun watching a child grow up, exploring the world and finding wonders in the tiniest things we grownups take for granted.

Playing around

This website is my playground, as it is for any developer, I guess. By now, it has been a Vuepress page, a Sapper page, a NuxtJS with the nuxt/content plugin and Windi CSS. I've also been using iles, lately and I really liked it. Now I've switched over to using Remix because I absolutely fell in love with the framework and its fresh approach. Check out the repo. And tell me what I could do better in the repo issues!

Buzzwords: VueSvelteReactRemixTailwind

Besides that, I'm spending most of my free time to play with my daughter rather than with technology. 😊


Freelance Software Engineer

starting 06/2022

From June 2022 on, I'm working as a freelance software engineer. More on that on the freelance page.

Stealth Startup, working on a cloud PaaS

04/2022 - 05/2022

With a group of former Jimdo colleagues, I’m prototyping the frontend for a product in the cloud PaaS space. I use React with Remix.run and TailwindCSS to quickly build up and iterate on the interface and APIs.

Writing Lambda functions in TypeScript and wiring everything up via the AWS CDK is also part of the job.

Unfortunately, the project will probably stop at the end of May for various reasons.

Buzzwords: ReactRemixServerlessAWS CDKTypeScriptTailwindCSS

What I did earlier

Personal time off

02/2022 - 03/2022

With my daughter turning three and switching to a different kindergarten, I took a few weeks off to go on vacation and then help my daughter settle in in the new kindergarten.

Teamlead Development Division at sum.cumo Sapiens GmbH

08/2021 – 01/2022

Due to some organizational changes, I was asked to fill an open teamlead position at sum.cumo Sapiens GmbH. In a rather difficult environment, I managed a team of 15 people through regular 1on1s and initiatives around the organizational change that was happening. I've led the efforts to implement explicit career levels for all development division members which were introduced and implemented by the end of 2021.

Based on various reasons, I made the decision to open myself up to other opportunities. See more on this page.

Buzzwords: Teamlead1on1sManagementCareer Levels

UI Architect at sum.cumo Sapiens GmbH

08/2018 - 07/2021

I work as a UI Architect at sum.cumo Sapiens GmbH. I take care of setting up and kickstarting projects with a proper foundation. My task is to get the project up and running while making sure the code stays modular, reusable and robust. This always involves the following:

Buzzwords: VueNuxtJS(Layout) ComponentsFrontend/CSS ArchitectureStorybook

Senior UI Engineer at XING SE

01/2017 – 07/2018

In a fantastic team, I helped build a web design system for more than 40 product teams. We built up a library of over 60 components. It includes contribution guidelines and extensive documentation for the whole design system. I was lucky to work with awesome people like Daniel, Yan, Robin and Matthias.

Buzzwords: ReactCSS ModulesComponentsDesign SystemCoordinationCommunication

UI Engineer at Jimdo GmbH

07/2015 - 12/2016

My last position at Jimdo was UI Engineer. A designer from a product team decided to hike across the Alps, so I filled in his position. Four weeks later, we had rolled out a new Corporate Identity into the product. And we decided that I'd stay with the product team from that point on.

I worked on the UI Library that Fabian had kickstarted with an innocent button component. With the code, design and process superpowers of Lasse and Hannes, the library became ever more useful. Later on, it formed the foundation for the rebuilt website administration.

Buzzwords: ReactUI LibraryStartup

Template Daddy at Jimdo GmbH

03/2014 - 07/2015

In my former position, I gathered quite some knowledge about how HTML/CSS and templates work at Jimdo. Building up templates for a new system felt pretty natural to me and the leadership team. That system worked in a completely different way compared to the one used back then within the Jimdo CMS.

I build up the team and templates together with Jill, having loads of fun and learning a lot while doing that.

Buzzwords: TeambuildingLESSSassCommunication

Partner Geek at Jimdo GmbH

01/2012 - 02/2014

I started at Jimdo working in the Partner Team with the awesome Hendric. I cared about the relationships with affiliate partners and build up the network of Jimdo Experts. They provided special services for Jimdo users. And I provided special support for their HTML/CSS needs 😊

Buzzwords: Project ManagementCoordinationCommunicationHTMLCSS

Intern, Trainee & Junior Technical Project Manager at achtung! GmbH

06/2010 - 12/2011

From starting as an intern until being a Junior PM for all technical parts of a project, I helped various client teams bring their social media ideas from concept into the browser. On the way, I helped designers and (external) developers to communicate in a better way with each other.

Buzzwords: Social MediaProject ManagementCoordinationCommunication

Communications Science at WWU Münster

10/2005 - 02/2011

I mostly code by now, though originally I studied communication science at the IfK Münster. While I chose the theoretical side of the studies, I gained a lot of practical knowledge at campus relations, a group of students offering public relations work for local businesses in Münster.

Next to that, I worked for primus inter pares, a dedicated team of communication specialists. I did everything from writing press releases to building WordPress websites.

Buzzwords: EpistemologyPublic RelationsWordPressHTMLCSS