Like so many others, I'm a very, very proud dad. It's so much fun watching a child grow up, exploring the world and finding wonders in the tiniest things we grownups take for granted.


Preparing for another winter of fun kindergarten viruses, I currently use every opportunity to get a simple workout done, mostly early in the morning. Whether it is the "Perfect Workout", ten minutes of Kettlebell swings or a workout - I don't aim for perfection but rather for getting something done before the next virus takes me down for a few days.


I decided to put all I've learned into fighting against climate change. I'm a software developer by trade, so that means coding in a green tech startup. That one is currently zolar.

Next to that, I'm exploring Elixir and Phoenix out of sheer curiosity. I like the way Remix bridges the network gap for React apps, the environment I am most familiar with. Learning a new programming language, its different way of approaching problems and getting a new perspective on how you can build web apps is really refreshing.