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Generating a small Node script with ChatGPT

I was a bit bothered by the process of creating these TIL entries. So I figured I could enhance it by automating the boring stuff.

Since it is 2023 and we are using AI to help us develop these types of scripts faster since years months, I asked ChatGPT to help me:

I want you to write a script in NodeJS that I can call from a package.json –
in the end, I want to run `npm run scaffold-til` to kick off the process. It
is supposed to lead me through a short question/answer dialogue to scaffold a
new entry for the "today I learned" section of my website. The script should
to the following:

- Ask me for the title of today's "Today I learned" entry
- Add an entry to the beginning of an array in the file `app/data/tils.mjs` The
  file currently has this shape: […]
- Scaffold an MDX file within the `app/routes` folder with the naming scheme
  similar to this existing file: `_layout.til.23-07-18.mdx`
- Add the basic scaffold of the MDX file as it is formatted in this example:

It took a bit of back and forth to e.g. use date-fns instead of moment for date formatting and get some minor things to work. But after a few minutes, this entry was scaffolded with the title and date through this wonderful script. And it definitely took me less time than doing it on my own. Cool, eh?

Mandatory ending for entries like these: I, for one, welcome our new AI overlords.