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Pausing Twitter

I did my annual Twitter December break as usual last month. I was happy with that. Stepping away for a few days. Side-stepping the constant firehose of news, things to get upset about, tiny tidbits of personal information.

With Covid news coming around day by day, hour by hour, I've noticed that Twitter takes a lot of focus time in my usual day. Which means it is taking focus away from my family. From work. From things way more important than being up to date every minute of every day. I don't have to be up to date on all the topics all the time. Nothing happens if I'm not. The important things will get through to me.

For way too long, I've justified staying on Twitter to keep up with a minority of people I am following. But I don't have to be there. I receive all the important information I need and want to hear from these people already. Via lunch dates, private messages and face to face conversations.

I've unfollowed almost all accounts, keeping a few select ones in there. I'll log out of the website on every device. Maybe I'll start using it again. Maybe not.

If you read this, you probably came here via my pinned tweet. Should you need to contact me, you can find ways to do so on this very website.

Let's see how this goes.

See you around!