Hi 👋 I'm Markus. I'm looking for a new job from June 2022.

What I can do

Work experience

I've been working as a frontend developer since 2015. Coming from writing HTML/CSS code, I've tried out quite a few things.

I've worked with React and VueJS, played with Svelte and web components. I've built and established design systems in React and VueJS.

I've established open source libraries instead of using costly in-house wheel reinventions. Ranging from brand new tech stacks to years old code bases, I’ve worked on all kinds of projects. Doing that, I've learned when to use frameworks and libraries and when to build your own solution. I created complicated frontends for insurances and lotteries in close communication with UX and design. I have written more TypeScript than I ever expected. More GraphQL, too.

You can throw any agile-ish working style at me because I’ve most certainly used and worked in it by now. If you’re uncertain or unsatisfied with your current way of working, I can moderate a retrospective or help shape a better process. Another great tool I enjoy using are Wardley Maps.

Fun & side projects

I've built a small machine learning app as a hack week project.

I bootstrapped a serverless email newsletter side project with the AWS CDK + Python. I've automated transcriptions for my wife's podcast through a quick AWS Step Function + AWS Transcribe. I've provided a new website for virtualsupporttalks.de, a German initiative for mental health during the pandemic.

I've dabbled with web3 stuff. Results: A simple Vue/Vite starter template + an Ethereum blockies implementation in Vue3

I try to fix open source projects when I hit a wall or find a bug.

I've successfully avoided managing my own server, database or backend by using services like Netlify, Vercel, Contentful/GraphCMS, AWS Amplify and the AWS CDK.

Exploring new technologies is a lot of fun for me. I even read documentation to solve issues 😅 And I somehow manage to get up and running with most of these things quickly. I've started looking into Rust. That's a frightening thing, coming from CSS. I'm drawn towards learning it anyway, and can't yet explain why that is.

If I attend a (un-)conference or meetup, I try to come up with a talk I could hold. I’ve shared knowledge at various barcamps, meetups and at the JSUnconf Hamburg. Internally, I did the same at every company I’ve worked at so far.


I've led a team of 15 developers. I've done bi-weekly 1on1s with all of them, established career levels for the whole development division, and did all the things you'd probably and hopefully expect from a team lead.

What I would like to do

Working days

I've been working four days a week since mid 2018. I'd like to keep spending time with my daughter while also opening up time for my wife to push her business, so I'll keep doing that. From my experience in the last few years, working 80% of the "standard" working hours results in 90% output. Seems like a good deal to me.


I want to set the right expectations regarding salary for both of us. In my last job, I earned slightly above senior level range. I plan to keep doing that. Happy to find out what "slightly above senior level" means to you 😊


I will keep living in Hamburg, but I'm not bound to employers located in my current city. Throughout the pandemic, I've got used to working remotely. I'd love to meet colleagues from time to time in whichever way, so I'm open to doing off-site events, team huddles or whatever you fancy. Just don't keep me away from my family for too long, okay?


Having had my first experience with a) a pandemic and b) being a team lead, I'd be more than happy with just™ writing code for now. I can imagine flowing into a leadership role again at some point. For now, coding it is.


I've written so much CSS in the last years that I'm by now able to write it without a dev server running. And still getting the results I need. I'd be open to working with React again. My love for VueJS is unbroken, though, so I'd be super happy to keep working with that.

I'm not afraid of jumping into other programming languages besides JavaScript. It will take some time to get up to speed in them, though. Keep in mind: I'm coming from HTML/CSS.

What you should do

Still reading? Great! Feel free to get in touch with me:

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